Mishan Carmel Haifa

Meet the perfect choice

You already feel that it is time to open a new chapter, time to explore your possibilities and find the ideal solution for years to come. This new chapter can surprise you and provide a life full of interests, peace of mind, calm and security. Mishan Carmel offers you everything you can ask for in an senior living home – high quality of life, good new neighbors, the perfect location, maximum comfort, supervision and security, and enjoyable and enriching leisure and cultural activities. All this, surrounded by a professional and experienced staff, who listen and pay attention to even the tiniest details.

Mishan Carmel, senior living in Haifa, is intended for senior residents who wish to live in a beautiful and quiet environment. Close to everything that matters. We invite you to get to know the perfect choice for residents of Haifa, Carmel and the North.

Feel like you’re at a luxury hotel

Mishan Carmel is a senior senior living facility in Haifa, providing a warm, high quality, elegant residence and invaluable experience, operating at the highest standards. The home is located in the heart of Ahuza, on Mount Carmel, facing breathtaking scenery and a spectacular panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Here in the magical heart of Carmel is the perfect balance, allowing you to live in nature while enjoying the benefits of the big city. Horev Mall – Carmel’s popular shopping and entertainment center, is located close by. Public transportation is accessible and enables easy access to everything around.

An abundance of advantages

Mishan Carmel is an senior living facility in Haifa that has everything – personal and dedicated service around the clock, a sensitive and empathic staff, friendly, quality company, and a breathtaking view. All in the heart of the Carmel, close to everything. We do everything, so that your move and integration into the center is easy and smooth. That’s our profession. We invite you, personally, to visit us, to be impressed by the array of possibilities spread out before you – the peaceful and green environment, the active and vibrant daily life, and a warm, genuine home that embraces you with love and security. For further details, for a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone – 04-6645760 or *6570.

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