Mishan – the largest leading network of senior living facilities in Israel

Today, senior living provides a comfortable and supportive environment in which to live full and rich lives in comfort and security. Mishan’s residences lead the senior living sector in Israel and provide seniors with all that they need for many years of happy and independent lives in a caring and supportive framework. There comes a time when our familiar home no longer meets our needs, a time we begin looking for a place where we can pleasantly enjoy many more years. That place is a Mishan senior living environment.

Why choose Mishan senior living?

משען - דיור מוגן

We know that the decision to move to senior living entails many doubts and concerns – your choice of Mishan will provide you the greatest security. Mishan is a public non-profit organization, and with our vast experience and seniority, we can ensure that your assets are safe and you are free to concentrate on your favorite activities and hobbies.

Firm and steady support, peace of mind

Mishan has been in operation since 1931 on a non-profit basis. All income is invested in residences, tenants, development, cultivation and improvement of quality of life and the environment. The network unceasingly continues to lead the field of senior living for seniors – at professional standards and with high quality service. Mishan sets a goal to make it easier to move to a new home and to get involved with the community and the tenants, and to operate in city centers. This enables a natural continuity in one’s lifestyle and easy access to everywhere. Mishan facilities are located in the most central quality areas in Israel. Thanks to its strong backing and unique advantages, Mishan residents enjoy quality of life, peace of mind, future security under the best conditions.
Mishan network, from the Histadrut.

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